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Technical details: AVR programming kit, parallel port

Using the programmer hardware without the bootable CD

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Our programmer works out of the box with the bootable CD that comes with it. You can however also use it directly without booting from the CD. It will work with Linux, Windows, BSD unix, etc ... ... basically any OS for which you can get either avrdude ( or uisp ( to work.


Here you need to select the programmer type "dapa".
The command line to program the microcontroller is:
uisp -dlpt=/dev/parport0 --erase  -dprog=dapa

uisp -dlpt=/dev/parport0 --upload if=YourProgramToLoad.hex 
           -dprog=dapa -dno-poll -v=3 --hash=32 --verify


To use the programmer hardware with avrdude you edit first the avrdude.conf file and add the following entry:
  id    = "dapa";
  desc  = "tuxgraphics parallel port programmer";
  type  = par;
  reset = 16;
  sck   = 1;
  mosi  = 2;
  miso  = 11;
The command line to program an Atmega8 microcontroller is then:
avrdude -p m8 -c dapa -e -U flash:w:YourProgramToLoad.hex
Don't be shocked by those long command lines. Nobody can remember them. You will generally have them included in a Makefile. In you can just type something like
make load
You can also write a little script which includes the commands. Our "Linux AVR programming kit" contains a script called avrdude_easyflash. In other words you can just run:
avrdude_easyflash YourProgramToLoad.hex

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