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AVR microcontroller kits

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Slide-show presenter button, USB

Use this little USB device to conveniently scroll forward and backward in your presentation.

price: 7.50EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Kit: microcontroller based bench DC power supply unit

This is a kit for a small but very advanced power supply.

price: 24.00EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Large 4-digit LED display

This is a 4 digit LED display with large 1 inch (2.5cm) digits. The display is network connected (ethernet board on the back).

price: 52.30EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Sprinter transmission temperature display, LCD

Mini LCD based transmission temperature display for the Dodge, Freightliner and Mercedes Sprinter Vans with automatic transmission.

price: 16.00EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Programmable 8-character LCD display, DVM module

The kit contains a atmega328p chip that is already loaded with firmware. This firmware allows you to use the system as a fully configurable digital voltmeter. It is as well possible to overwrite the firmware and use it as generic programmable 8-character LCD module.

price: 15.50EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

3 digit LED display, mini DVM module

This is a 3 digit display with a freely programmable microcontroller. The example software we provide implements a digital voltmeter but you can change the code and implement something else (e.g a counter).

price: 9.55EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Add-on parts: sprinter transmission temperature display, LED

Additional parts to use the DVM module as a transmission temperature display for the Dodge, Freightliner and Mercedes Sprinter Vans with automatic transmission.

price: 6.90EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

USB interface for the digital DC power supply

A command interface for the digital DC power supply with galvanic separation. You can control your power supply from your PC and have 100% electrical separation at the same time.

price: 12.90EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

An electronic dice

A little toy. A kit easy to assemble and fun to use. A good way to learn about microcontroller programming.

price: 4.99EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

A digital thermometer with I2C interface

A simple but useful digital thermometer circuit. You can have a local display and/or connection to your PC

price: 9.00EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

A little Halloween ghost

An kit to build a glowing or flashing ghost.

price: 2.90EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

dot-matrix prototyping board for atmega8/88/168/328

A prototyping board and some basic components to get started. The board is gold plated to keep it shiny an solderable.

price: 5.50EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Components for the AVR NTP clock

Kit to build a NTP clock. Includes everything, even the display. Assemble it and attach it to your DSL router. You have a clock that is always accurate.

price: 49.50EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Scopeclock: Dutchtronix AVR Oscilloscope Clock kit

A clock for any X-Y capable analog oscilloscope. Make it show the current time!

price: 21.95EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Add-on board to build an ethernet weather station

An add-on board to one of our ethernet boards (you can use any of the two) to build a weather station.

price: 11.05EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Add-on components for "remote flower watering and monitoring"

Add-on components to build the "remote flower watering and monitoring system".

price: 5.95EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

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