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DDCP to USB connect

ddcp to usb
ddcp to usb kit
The digital DC power supply can be controlled remotely from a computer using a USB serial interface. This add-on card connects on one side with 4 pins to the board of the digital DC power supply and on the other side via a USB-B socket to your computer. It offers galvanic separation such that you can use this power supply relative to any reference point (e.g build two power supply units and use one as negative and one as positive power supply).

This kit includes:

The README file that is included with the digital DC power supply software explains how to give commands to the power supply unit. The system is except for the FTDI usb serial driver totally operating systme independent and it will work for windows, linux, apple mac and many others.

Note: This is a complete kit. No other parts are needed. Recommended addon: USB-A to USB-B cable (see below).

price: 12.90EUR, [convert_currency]


  USB-A to USB-B cable
USB-A to USB-B cable (aka USB printer cable), 1m (3FT) long:

price: 2.80EUR, [convert_currency]


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