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AVR Ethernet / Web server

Documentation: Web server, email notifications, micro-blogging, ... with a tiny ethernet board
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AVR microcontroller based ethernet device / web server, SMD, atmega328p

The AVR web server as SMD version. Magjack and SMD parts are already soldered to the board. his board has a 18x8 dot-matrix field to customize the board.

Optionally you can have the web-server pre-loaded with software.

price: 41.50EUR, [convert_currency] or 39.50EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Embedded client systems, pre-loaded, ready to use

This system is by far the best solution if you want the measure and monitor something over long periods of time. They can send you an email and plot historical data as graphs.

price: 45.00EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

AVR microcontroller based ethernet device / web server, ver. 1.4 , kit

The AVR web server kit. You need also an atmega168/328, a Magjack and an ENC28J60.

price: 17.95EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

AVR microcontroller based ethernet device / web server, ver. 1.5 , kit, hobby POE

The AVR web server kit with the possibility to provided power over the ethernet cable. The board consumes only about 0.5W over a wide supply voltage range thanks to the integrated switching regulator which is included here.

price: 27.90EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Large 4-digit LED display

This is a 4 digit LED display with large 1 inch (2.5cm) digits. The display is network connected (ethernet board on the back).

price: 52.30EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

recom R-78E3.3-0.5 switching regulator

This is an optional switching voltage regulator for our ethernet board.
Ideal if you are planing to build a solar powered solution.

price: 3.50EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

08B0-1X1T-06-F AutoMDIX Ethernet Magjack

Magjacks are small RJ45 sockets that contains already all the magnetics needed for an ethernet connection.

==>see details

Power supplies for ethernet boards, wall socket adapter

A wall socket adapter to power the ethernet board.

price: 5.00EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Tuxgraphics microcontroller email account

This service enables you to send email notifications from your tuxgraphics ethernet board.

price: 3 Euro [convert_currency]

==>see details

Components for the AVR NTP clock

Kit to build a NTP clock. Includes everything, even the display. Assemble it and attach it to your DSL router. You have a clock that is always accurate.

price: 49.50EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Add-on parts for the ethernet board

Note that sensors and displays have their own section.

Add-on components for "remote flower watering and monitoring"

Add-on components to build the "remote flower watering and monitoring system" a system to control lawn sprinklers and water pumps over the internet.

price: 5.95EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Add-on parts for the smartphone garage door opener

An add-on parts to build the smartphone garage door opener. Includes a switch to read the state of the door and some components which go onto the dot matrix field of the ethernet board.

price: 3.65EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Add-on board to build an ethernet weather station

An add-on board to one of our above ethernet boards (you can use any of the two) to build a weather station.

price: 11.05EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Small 5V relay, SPDT

A small relay which can be driven by the the ethernet board.

price: 1.90EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

4 precision resistors for watchdog voltage divider

Four 1% resistors: 2X 10K and 2X 270K

price: 0.20EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

74hc595 + 2x100nF +100K +220K (add more output ports to you microcontroller)

74hc595 74hc595 8-bit serial to parallel port expander. Provides 8-digital output lines per 74hc595. The 74hc595 chips can be used in chain to provide more than 8 output lines.

price: 0.85EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

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