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Add-on board to build an ethernet weather station

article07041 kit Parts with printed circuit board for the article: "An ethernet weather station"

This is an add-on board to our avr ethernet boards/webserver. It can be connected to both the SMD and the non SMD versions.
This kit includes:
Note: To build the complete ethernet weather station you will also need one of our avr ethernet solutions one 20x2 HD44780 comp. LCD display and one MPX4115A or MPX4115AP pressure sensor. If you don't want to messure air pressure then you don't need the MPX4115A. The system is modular and air pressure sensor as well as LCD display are optional.

printed circuit board with holes, solder stop, silk screen, gold coated

price: 11.05EUR, [convert_currency]

Sorry, this item is out of stock. We will not re-stock it. We will instead replace it by a new design.

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