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Neoprene pouch for HP-15C, HP-12c calculator

A pouch for your Voyager series calculator that is just perfect

price: 6.60EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

synthetic oil for antique mechanical watches

This is a high quality synthetic oil.

price: 5.50EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Children's art gallery - Children's drawings and paintings

Have a look at Jessica's art gallery and buy original drawings.

price: 5.00EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

winter ointment, a protective lip and skin balm

100% natural protection for your skin in winter.

price: 1.90EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Your order packaged as a present in a nice gift box

We package your order in a nice gift box and you can even add your own personal greeting.

price: 1.50EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Tuxgraphics microcontroller mail account

This service enables you to send email notifications from your tuxgraphics ethernet board.

price: 6 Euro [convert_currency]

==>see details

Tux sticker

Nice penguin stickers of various sizes.

price: depends on type

==>see details

Quality mousepads

These mousepads are made from heavy rubber. They are suitable for both optical mice and trackball mice.

price: 9.00EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Green hobby glue

tuxoglue the "open source" paper glue for home and office use. Make your own glue from completely natural components.

price: 2.50EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Children books

Books for small children.

price: 5.00EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

Card games

Card games for children with our penguin in 3D graphics.

price: 5.00EUR, [convert_currency]

==>see details

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