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tuxgraphics winter ointment


winter ointment, a protective lip and skin balm

winter ointment
To give you a feeling for the size:
It's 2.5cm (=1 inch) high
This protective balm helps to avoid cracked lips and skin. Tested under Canadian winter conditions. It protects your skin and accelerates the healing of already cracked skin.

This ointment is made of: Beeswax, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil.

No preservatives, no coloring, no mineral oil.

The pocket sizes jar contains 8g (0.28oz) ointment.

When you are outside and the ointment is cold then scratch a bit off with your fingernail. It melts quickly between your fingers and can then easily applied to your lips and your face.

price: 1.90EUR, [convert_currency]


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