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Tuxgraphics microcontroller mail account

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What is microcontroller mail?

mm-mail The microcontroller mail account enables you to send email notifications from a tuxgraphics AVR ethernet board. You could send data, or get notified about events such as "the cat flap is open" or "the temperature in the server room has reached 35'C" or "your flowers need water" ... anything.

The software to do this is part of the new TCP/IP stack. You find more information about this at

The account is valid for 12 month. You can administrate the account and configure the email address to which the notifications are sent. You can also renew the account at any time before or after expiry. By signing up for the account you agree to the below conditions. Do not sign up if you disagree.

Account payment

At this moment you can only pay via paypal. The account details will be sent to the email address of your paypal account. The activation involves a manual step and may take one day.

Price for one year: 6.00EUR, [convert_currency]

Account ID: (specify you existing ID to renew)


The account may not be used for unethical or illegal activities. You may not use it to send unsolicited email. We aim to provide a high quality service however the service may be down in the event that your own DSL/internet connection fails, our ISP and backbone provider fails or there is a hardware/software failure.

We reserve the right to terminate your account at any time before its expiry. In this case we will refund you proportionally to the number of full month that your account was usable.

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