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tuxgraphics hobby glue

tuxoglue -- a general purpose paper glue for home and office

paper glue
This is a really good and strong "open source" paper glue.
What is different compared to other glue? We don't give you only the glue. We tell you what is inside and we even provide you with a recipe to make more glue.

This glue is ideal for children not only because it is solvent free but also because you will no longer have to worry that your children are working with an unknown mixture of chemicals.

Tuxoglue is made from completely natural components.

We use this glue every day to label parcels and letters. It's well proven.

- Dry glue base powder for 200ml glue (It is dry powder is to save you shipping costs. Just add water)
- 4 pages with: How to prepare the glue from the included glue powder, a listing of what is inside, a recipe to make even more glue.

price: 2.50EUR, [convert_currency]


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