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Card games for kids from 1 to 100

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matching penguins

memory cards

This is a memory game

This game includes:
- 30 motives on 60 cardboard cards, size: 5.5cm x 5.5cm.
- A cotton bag to store the cards.
- A one page instruction sheet.

Click here to look at the different cards (... and afterwards click on the back button of your browser to come back here)

price: 7.00EUR, [convert_currency]


tuximo with yellow bag

This is a domino game with 36 picture cards. It comes with a very nice cotton bag to store the cards. A one page instruction sheet is also included.

"our daughter is 2 years old and just loves this game. She likes the cute tux penguins and the details that the images on the cards have."

price: 5.00EUR, [convert_currency]


tuximo with white bag


Same as above but with a white bag.

- 36 heavy paperboard cards (size: 8x4 cm)
- 18x14 cm cotton bag, white

price: 5.00EUR, [convert_currency]


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