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AVR microcontroller based ethernet device / web server, version 1.4, kit

embedded avr ethernet, kit

Note: You will also need an ENC28J60 (DIP), an atmega328p (DIP) and the 08B0-1X1T-06-F Magjack. Note that other Magjacks may have different footprints. You need one that fits onto the board and works from an electrical point of view.

Tip: Add a R-78E3.3-0.5 switching regulator for a supply voltage range from 6V-28V and no power loss.
Components and professionally etched printed circuit board for building a small web server. The main application of those web servers is not so much to provide large web pages but to be able to control hardware. You can switch something on/off, display sensor data, supervise network equipment .... We have a lot of articles with different examples at Any of the tuxgraphics ethernet software runs on this board.
A basic web server to switch something on or off is e.g: "HTTP/TCP with an atmega88 AVR microcontroller"

This board has a dot matrix field where you can add additional components (sensors, amplifiers, etc.)

This AVR microcontroller ethernet kit includes:
  • Documentation: pinout description of the components, circuit diagram, drawing of the PCB with all the components
  • Printed circuit board: blue epoxy board, gold plated, size 7cm x 9.1cm (2.75 inch x 3.58 inch).
  • Capacitors: 8 x 100μF (or 2x 10μF and 6x 100μF), 2 x 18pF
  • 1 x 5 pin ISP connector
  • 1 x LED 3mm red
  • Diodes: 1 x Bay69
  • Transistors: 1 x BC547B (or BC548B)
  • Resistors: 3 x 10K, 1 x 1K, 4 x 270 Ohm, 4 x 51.0 Ohm (or 49.9), 1 x 2.70K
  • Crystal 25MHz
  • Voltage regulator 3.3V

In total: Documentation + printed circuit board + 31 parts.

price: 17.95EUR, [convert_currency]


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