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08B0-1X1T-06-F: AutoMDIX Ethernet Magjack with bright LEDs and magnetics

Magjack 08B0-1X1T-06-F
This small RJ45 socket contains already all the magnetics and is needed to interface an enc28j60 controller to the physical Ethernet. It is pin and layout compatible to 08B0-1X1T-03-F but has in addition AutoMDIX.

What is AutoMDIX? Ethernet has one wire pair for transmit (Tx) and one for receive (Rx). A Hub/Switch will amplify the signal and cross connect Tx of one network element with Rx of the other. If you want to connect the AVR web server directly to your computer without a Hub/Switch in-between then you will normally need a cross connect Ethernet cable. A cross connect cable is a cable where Tx and Rx are swapped on one side. The AutoMDIX magjack has some additional logic inside which will automatically swap the cable for you if needed. In other words you can always use a straight cable no matter if you connect to a Hub/Switch or directly to a computer.

RJ-45 with 10/100 Magnetics, 1:1 Turns Ratio, AutoMDIX, two LEDs Yellow and dual Green/Orange, Manufactured by Bel Fuse Inc, Product number 08B0-1X1T-06-F [view/download datasheet, 117015 bytes]

price for one AutoMDIX Magjack: 4.80EUR, [convert_currency]

package with 3 AutoMDIX Magjacks: 12.90EUR, [convert_currency]
(= 4.30 Euro per Magjack)

Quantity (number of packages):

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