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Large 4-digit LED display

Large four digit LED display
This is a kit to build the large 4-digit LED display. It's a network connected display with large 1-inch (2.54cm) digits. Just plug-in power (5V DC) and an ethernet cable.

The display segements are flicker free and each of them is connected to an own DC powered output pin. A running cammera will show a steady image.

A full description of the system and the source code for the firmware can be found at

Our ethernet board is at the heart of this system and sits on the back of this board.

Visible digit hight: 1 inch, 2.5cm
Visible digit width: 9/16 inch, 1.4cm
Board: 7.4cm x 13.6cm (2 15/16 inch x 5 11/32 inch)
Depth (with components and ethernet board on the back): 3.5mm (1 6/16 inch)

This 4-digit display kit inclued the actual display segments and driver stages. To use it you do need the ethernet board. The whole system is powered with 5V DC and a appropriate power supply is available seperately. The display consumes about 300mA and the the exact power connsumtion depends on the amount of illuminated display segments. We recommend to use a 5V DC power supply rated for 0.5A (500mA) or more.

Note: you need a 5V DC power supply rated for 0.5A (500mA) or more and the atmega328p based ethernet board.

Just the display kit (you need to use a separate eth-board)

price: 52.30EUR, [convert_currency]

The display kit + ethernet board pre-loaded with software
price: 90.00EUR, [convert_currency]

Choose the software for the eth-board:
remote controlled display, web-interface or UDP-messages


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