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AVR microcontroller based ethernet device / web server, SMD

avr ethernet smd
This kit is almost completely assembled except for the voltage regulator, a LED and the socket for programming the microcontroller. This gives you more flexibility when mounting the circuit in a box. The board has an atmega328p microcontroller on the board (almost identical to atmega168/88 but more flash memory and 2Kb RAM).

The Magjack on the board is an AutoMDIX jack.

The board has 16 general purpose ports. 8 of them can optionally be used as analog inputs. There is also one connection for a freely programmable external LED and a connection to drive an external relay. The board has a 18x8 dot-matrix field which can be used add components and customize the board.

This kit includes besides the actual SMD board: It's a complete web server on 5.4 x 8.2 cm (2.16 x 3.22 inch). The dot-matrix can be cut-off the board. The dimensions of the board without the dot-matrix field are 5.4 x 6 cm (2.16 x 2.36 inch)

Examples for different applications of this board can be found at

Note: you will not need any additional parts to use this board as an ethernet board or web server. You might however want to build some bigger application such as an NTP clock or a thermometer. In that case you need things like displays, relays or sensors. Have a look the add-on parts section for additional boards that can be attached to the ethernet board.

With atmega328p, no software loaded

price: 41.50EUR, [convert_currency]

The on-board atmega328 pre-loaded with software.
See our mini-web-server with software page for a detailed description.

price: 42.50EUR, [convert_currency]

Choose software:
ethernet host watchdog
smartphone garage door opener software
software for a web based reset button
software for control of a remote switch/relay
Temperature measurement and equipment control over the internet (software for 2x ds18s20 + remote switch)
software for NTP clock (see as well: NTP clock kit)
software for the 24h Timer
software for remote flower/garden watering and monitoring
Remote home supervision and control (software for sht11+ ds18s20 + remote switch)
Pool timer and water temperature


Looking for a system that is ready to use? We can build it for you. more ...

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