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Consulting: Ready made solutions according to your specifications

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Ready to use systems customized for you

Examples (mini-web servers):

temperature or humidity monitoring
Temperature and/or air humidity monitoring
temperature or humidity graphs
Temperature and humidity measurements with data representation in graphical format on any web browser

measurement and control systems for the oil industry
Measurement and control system for the oil industry

switching equipment on/off via relays
Switching equipment on/off via relays
[side view]
switching equipment on/off via relays
Switching equipment on/off via relays
[back view]
You like our ethernet kits but you don't want to start soldering? You are looking for a customized solution that is ready to use?

We can help you with any solution that is remotely similar to some of the products that we have available as a kit.

Ready made/ready to use means: just plug it in and it will work. Our systems are customized as per your requirements and come in a nice case complete with power supply and cabling.

We have many years of experience in building systems that you can trust. Quality and reliability are our top priorities. We make measurement systems and web servers that work reliably even in rough environmental condition.

Whatever your requirements are, let's discuss them.

Just write us an email at
shop at
or use our contact form.

How much does it cost?

The exact cost depends on the effort needed to build a system. The design and development of a small measuremnt and monitoring system costs e.g between 400 and 1500 Euro dependent on the complexity.

All systems that we make undergo rigid testing. Quality is our priority.

I have a great idea! I am sure you could sell this ...

Sometimes we do indeed develop solution free of charge if those are tailored to your ideas but generic at the same time and could be sold to others too.
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