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Tuxgraphics AVR NTP clock kit, firmware pre-loaded

ntp clock kit
NTP clock kit. The LCD display included in this kit is just amazing. It has a bright yellow-green backlight and is crisp sharp at night as well as in full daylight.
Documentation for this kit:

This kit consists of the "AVR ethernet device and Web Server 1.5, SMD version" with atmega328p (from our ethernet section), our "16x2 character LCD display with backlight" (from our display section), 3 extra resistors and a push button.

This kit includes besides the actual SMD board and the 16x2 LCD display:
Note: you will just need a small 5V DC power supply to assemble the clock. The power supply should be able to sustain 200mA continously. The microcontroller on the ethernet board is already pre-loaded with software.

Option: Software pre-loaded (automatic configuration via DHCP, just connect it to your DSL router and the clock will start "ticking")

price: 49.50EUR, [convert_currency]


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