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An electronic dice

edice parts
The components.
edice parts
The board: single sided
but no jumper wires needed.
Simple but a lot of fun!
Software download and article: "An AVR microcontroller based electronic dice"

The kit contains all the basic parts and a printed circuit board. Documentation and circuit diagram are also included.
Optional addon: battery box for 3xAA batteries with on/off switch. There is a small hole in the upper right corner to integrate the switch into the box.
dice with battery box
You can just stick the board with a bit of hotmelt glue onto the battery box. Ready is the dice.
Note: You will also need an atmega8 microcontroller
Kit with single sided board, no jumpers needed, holes are drilled, gold coated

price: 4.99EUR, [convert_currency]

optional addon: 3xAA (Mignon) battery box + switch

price: 2.05EUR, [convert_currency]


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