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Programmable 8-character LCD display and DVM module

The kit:
8x1 LCD module kit
This is what it looks like assembled:
8x1 LCD module when assembled
Parts for:
"Programmable 8-character LCD module and digital voltmeter"

The kit contains an atmega328p microcontroller and we have pre-loaded it with a "configurable DVM" firmware. This firmware let's you configure calibration constants (a ratio and an offset). It allows you to use this module to display all kinds of measurements (Voltage, Current, Temperature, Humidity,...) as long as the input is an analog voltage. The ADC provides 12bit resolution (we run it in over-sampling mode).

It is possible to just overwrite the firmware and use it as a generic programmable microcontroller and LCD display. The board can then be used to process the output of analog and digital sensors, it can be a counter, a clock, .... We provide some examples as C-source code.

The board has a dot matrix field where you can add own components such as a voltage divider or a small amplifier.

This kit includes the following parts:

Note: This kit includes already an atmega328p microcontroller and it is pre-loaded with a configurable DVM firmware.

price: 15.50EUR, [convert_currency]


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