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dot-matrix prototyping board for atmega8/88/168/328

[dot-matrix board and parts]
The kit
[dot-matrix in use]
dot-matrix board with microcontroller, bypass capacitor, pull-up resistor, ISP connector
The board has already some essential connections wired up for you: Power pins, a power bypass capacitor , socket for programmer, reset pull-up resistor. The dots which have an internal connection are square (not round) this way you can easily identify them. [circuit diagram: internal connections]
This kit includes the following parts: For a tutorial on AVR programming and some code examples see: "Tuxgraphics AVR C-programming tutorial"
Our dot-matrix boards quality boards. They are gold plated to keep them shiny and solderable even when you touch them with your fingers.

Note: The microcontroller is not included here.

price: 5.50EUR, [convert_currency]


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