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avrUSB500v2-key, programmer kit, stk500v2 compatible

Parts with professionally etched printed circuit board for the article "AvrUsb500v2 an open source AVR Programmer, stk500 V2 compatible"

This programmer is OS independent (stk500 V2 protocol) and can flash any Atmel avr microcontroller with In-System Programming capabilities. It can flash microcontrollers running at supply voltages from 3V to 5.5V.

This programmer hardware looks to the programmer software (avrdude, avrstudio, ...) just like a stk500v2 on a virtual com-port.
This kit includes: The tuxgraphics ISP-connector which is attached to the cable is a small and compact SIL header. If you do not want to program an tuxgraphics board then just add an adapter. We have adapters for all well known ISP socket types.
The avrusb500-key after assembly
avrusb500v2-key on a laptop
It plugs into your computer like a USB-key
avrusb500v2-key providing +5v power
It has a +5V output pin to power a small circuit

Main features of the avrusb500v2 programmer:
Note: The atmega8/atmega8a is already included here and has the firmware loaded. All you have to do is solder the kit together. Windows and MAC users will need a driver and it can be downloaded from Most linux distributions include the driver already (the module is called ftdi_sio).

price: 22.55EUR, [convert_currency]


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