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AVR programmer USB, SMD version 4, stk500 V2 compatible, ready for use.

AvrUsb500 smd
AvrUsb500 as SMD version with USB-A connector. The components are sealed in transparent plastic. Compact but robust design.
AvrUsb500 smd, power via laptop
Optionally you can power a small circuit with 5V via the blank metal area where you can attach a mini alligator clip. GND comes via the 5 pin ISP connector.

AvrUsb500 SMD version 4 is designed to be plugged directly in to the USB port of a laptop. The cable from the programmer to the target is 30cm long. This is a very compact design similar to a USB key. This programmer can also be used to power small circuits during development directly from the 5V of the computer USB port.

It emulates a stk500v2 on a virtual com-port.
The main features of the avrusb500 SMD programmer are:
Note: Windows and MAC users will need a driver and it can be downloaded from Most linux distributions include the driver already (the module is called ftdi_sio).

The kit includes: This programmer is OS independent (stk500v2 protocol) and can flash any Atmel avr microcontroller with In-System Programming capabilities. The smd components are sealed in a transparent plastic to protect them against physical impact.

The device comes with firmware loaded and is ready to use.

price: 36.90EUR, [convert_currency]


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