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ds18s20 calibrated digital temperature sensor

ds18s20 This Maxim-Dallas 1wire sensor can be connected directly to the avr ethernet board and provides temperature data between -55'C and +125'C. It has an accuracy of 0.5'C although the actual temperature values can be read in more fine grade steps of 0.06'C.

Note that the sensor has actually printed on "ds1820" but it is a ds18s20 sensor. ds1820 is a family of sensors.

A complete description of a application with software is available at:

[view/download datasheet as pdf: 279162 bytes]

Individul ds18s20 sensors + 4K7 pull-up resistor

price: 3.55EUR, [convert_currency]

Package of two ds18s20 sensors
+ one 4K7 pull-up resistor and a 100nF capacitor

price: 6.50EUR, [convert_currency]

You can either use a 10K or a 4K7 pull-up resistor for the ds18s20. In general you will achieve a better signal to noise ratio with a 4K7 pull-up resistor.

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