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Yellow-green LCD display 2x16, HD44780 compatible, black on yellow-green, backlight

tuxgraphics yellow-green transflective LCD 2x16char yellow-green transflective in use
Very good readability in the dark
and in full sun light.

Module size: 80x36mm

View area: 64x13mm

Char size: 2.9x4.3mm

Type: STN-positive, transflective (black on yellow-green)

Physical interface: GND,Vcc,Vc,RS,R/W,E,DB0-DB7,Backlight

Backlight type: LED (very bright, low power, 10mA)

Supply voltage: about 4.5V-5.2V DC

This display is one of the best character LCD displays you can find. It is a transflective display with a black font on a yellow-green background. The backlight is powered by a very bright LED.

It provides excellent readability in the dark and in full sun light. It is designed such that any additional light that shines onto the display will help to amplify the backlight. In other words it adjusts it's brightness automatically according to the surrounding light conditions without any control electronics and without consuming more power.

Libraries to use this display with the Atmel AVR-Microcontroller are available for download from the code snippets page.

Datasheet: tuxgr_yellowgreen_transflective_backlight_16x2.pdf, 160377 bytes

price: 7.20EUR, [convert_currency]


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