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Green LCD display 2x20, HD44780 compatible, black on green, reflective

tuxgraphics LCD 2x20char
Alphanumeric LCD display, 2 lines with 20 characters, reflective (= no background light). The interface is HD44780 compatible. Libraries to use this display with the Atmel AVR-Microcontroller are available for download from the code snippets page. The display comes with a small datasheet.

Datasheet: tuxgr_20x2.pdf, 38996 bytes

Module size: 116x37mm

View area: 83x18.5mm

Char size: 3.2x5.55mm

Type: STN, reflective (black on green)

Physical interface: GND,Vcc,Vc,RS,R/W,E,DB0-DB7


Supply voltage: about 5V

price: 11.20EUR, [convert_currency]


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