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Webserver/Ethernet board, top view

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This is photo shows how the assembled board will look like. It's a compete web-server!

The green LED is attached only for testing purposes. This output would otherwise be used to drive a 6V relay. The other input or output lines around the atmega88 (on the left) are free. You can attach any analog or digital circuit to those free lines and read or write data. The 1K ADC protection resistors would normally be soldered into those empty positions top/middle of the board. They are only needed if you plan to measure analog values.

The 5 pin connector in the middle is for loading the firmware. All the code is available as free source code (GPL license) and can be adapted and modified to fit you needs.

You can switch on/off a coffee machine or read air pressure or temperature or.... just attach the sensors to this board, modify the code a bit and point your web browser to it.
webserver board

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