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AVR microcontroller based ethernet device / web server kit, version 1.3

article06061 kit
with a professionally made
printed circuit board:
article06061 board with holes and double sided
Parts with professionally etched printed circuit board for the articles:

"An AVR microcontroller based ethernet device", (article 06061, hardware description and a simple UDP interface)

"HTTP/TCP with an atmega88 AVR microcontroller", (article 06111, software for a complete web server)

This kit includes:
Note: You will also need an ENC28J60 (DIP), atmega88 or atmega168 or atmega328p (DIP) and the 08B0-1X1T-06-F Magjack. Note that other Magjacks may have different footprints. You need one that fits onto the board and works from an electrical point of view.

In total: Documentation + printed circuit board + 35 parts.

This unit is out of production and we have newer versions

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